Domain: was registered in October 2000 as a dedicated hosting domain. hosting was free, but certain criteria had to be met, such as Netscape-4.x-friendly coding and an emphasis on quality writing rather than whizz-bang design. hosting later continued at and before returning to rubyrain.

Webmiss: my name is Madolyn and I'm a 40-something married female from Australia. I've been online since September 1996 and coding websites by hand since at least April 1998. I registered my first domain ( in November 1998 and have had at least one domain online at most times since May 1999.

Content: Ochiya is the only hostee at this time. (if I have hosted you before and we parted amicably, should you need space for a blog or special project and would like to be on rubyrain again, please drop me a line)

Credits: hosted by 2WDHost. Background/header image made by me using Photoshop, based on an original stock image (lined paper) from Atomic Affliction.

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